Reg Point of Sale is an independent family-owned business, run by Thomas Bibby and Sheila Cahill in Limerick, Ireland.

The Story of Reg

Two friends of Thomas's were opening a café in 2013, and as the nerd in his group of friends, they asked him to look into till systems. The available options were expensive, difficult to use and based on outdated technology. Reg was born with a core philosophy of ease of use, simplicity and stability.

About us

Like many of our customers we're a husband and wife team! Thomas had taken a break from the world of programming to work in the not-for-profit sector, where he met Sheila at a work event. We got married in Dublin in 2006, and moved to Limerick two years later. We're both big fans of Limerick as a great place to run a tech start-up.

We were in the not-for-profit sector because we wanted to do something that made a difference in the world.  But we’ve found that the values we associated with the not-for-profit world are also just as prevalent with the independent businesses who use Reg: honesty, wanting to do a good job and helping people.  We like to think that’s the way we work ourselves and we’ve certainly met a lot of other people who work that way too.

If we were to get fancy and have a mission statement it would be something like ‘helping small independent businesses do better’.  We’re a small independent business and we like working with small independent businesses.  We like keeping things, especially technology, simple.  And we still like helping people get on with the things that they want to do.



Till Now Ltd. is incorporated in Ireland – Directors Thomas Bibby, Sheila Cahill, Company #518801