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Adding a new discount

  1. Tap the Setup tab at the button
  2. Tap Discounts on the left
  3. Tap the plus sign to add a new discount

Entering discount information

  1. Enter the name for your discount, e.g. Staff Discount (Tip: enter the percentage amount to remind you, e.g. Staff Discount 20%)
  2. Enter the percentage value of the discount (e.g. for 20% enter 20)
  3. Tap Done when finished

Applying a discount to a transaction

  1. When cashing out a transaction, tap Add Discount to apply a discount.

Controlling who can apply a discount

Tap Setup > Users and edit a user.

  1. If 'Access all screens' is turned on, the user will automatically be able to apply a discount
  2. If 'Access all screens' is turned off, turn on Discounts to allow the user to apply a discount

Notes on how discounts are applied

  1. Discounts are applied to the sale amount but also to the VAT amount.  If an item is sold for €12.30 at 23% VAT (normally €10 ex-VAT, €2.30 VAT), and is discounted by 10%, the ex-VAT amount will be €9.00 and the VAT charged will be €2.07)
  2. Discrepancies in the Sales By Product report between unit price and total price are due to discounts being applied. For example if you have sold 10 items at €10 each, and yet the total amount is €99 and not €100 in the Sales by Product report, it is likely that you discounted an item by 10%
  3. There are two reports to show you what discounts have been applied. The Discounts report shows you the total amount for each discount type. The Discounts Detail report shows you each individual discounted transaction