Increase time with customers

Your customers love the personal touch.  Reg is designed to be intuitive and fast so you spend less time at the counter and more time offering great service.

Get a handle on your business

See how you’re doing at any point in the day, what’s selling well and what your busiest times are.  Reg can also keep track of your stock so you can re-order products in good time. 

Less stress over finances

You don’t need to be struggling with rolls of paper when you’re doing the books.  Pick your report and time period and email it as a spreadsheet from the app - keep your accountant happy.

Get a handle on your staff

Reg lets you know who your star performers are by telling you what each staff member has sold for any time period.

Look even better

Customers come to you because they love your style.  Why clutter up your counter space with a clunky cash register when you could stash your cash drawer and receipt printer out of sight, leaving only a slim iPad above your counter.

Be ready for the tax man

Don’t get any nasty surprises when your VAT is due.  Reg can print out records from any period showing turnover and VAT charged so you’ll be ready when the tax man calls.