Increase time with customers

Stay on top of your finances

Enter transactions quickly and easily

People come to you because they love the personal touch.  Reg is designed to be intuitive and fast so you spend less time ringing in transactions and more time offering great service.

Reg puts all your sales data at your fingertips.  See what products are selling well, and check your tax liabilities for this month.  You don’t need to fiddle around generating weekly or monthly reports, just email any report to your accountant from within the Reg app.

Reg offers a simple set of colour-coded screens where sales can be entered efficiently.  No need for staff training, and freeing up valuable staff time for customer interaction.


Be ready for the tax man

Tax authorities in the UK and Ireland are specifically focusing on businesses that trade in cash. Your ability to print out records from any period showing turnover and VAT charged will allow you to be ready when the tax man calls.

First impressions last

In an increasingly competitive retail environment, presentation is becoming increasingly important. Cafes and restaurants are wasting valuable counter space with traditional and cumbersome point of sale systems.  With Reg, the cash drawer and receipt printer can be mounted under the counter, providing an aesthetically pleasing interface for your customers to complete their purchases, and reducing counter clutter.

Technology that you can trust

Reg is a 100% native iPad app, and doesn’t need to communicate with external servers.  So you don’t have to worry about your internet connection going down, or the availability of external websites.