After Brexit: come to Limerick and build the next great thing

Thomas Bibby

As I write this the day after the UK voted to leave the EU, my prominent emotion is sadness. Sheila grew up in the UK to Irish parents, and my extended family are all from over the water. I'm typing this as we drive over to Wales for our first trade show in the UK. Our lives and our company are evidence of how intertwined our islands are, and it is genuinely sad to see the prospect of further barriers between us. 

I realise for startups in the UK it must be a difficult time. The prospect of being outside the EU must be a scary one. We are in uncharted waters and nobody knows what the outcome will be. 

However in times of uncertainty there is opportunity. And I want to personally invite any UK startup who wants to stay in the EU, to come to Limerick and build the next great thing.

I've outlined before why I think Limerick is a great place to base a tech startup. To summarise: Limerick is a great place to build something awesome. The city is crammed full of programming and design talent, and I'd be delighted to put you in touch with people whose abilities I respect. You can dramatically increase your runway and get away from the distracting cacophony that will dominate discussion in the UK for the next few years. You'll find inviting people and a fantastic environment for engineering the next great thing. Please drop me a line at if you're interested in making a move. I'll do everything I can to help.