Reg and Reg Remote v1.2.5 are now in the App Store

  • A new look for the bottom tab bar for Reg, but don't worry, everything is in the same place.
  • 10x speedup in cashing out transactions.
  • Cash Drawer no longer kicks when printing a receipt manually.
  • Fixed bug where voids were not showing correctly on dockets if group docket items option was turned on.
  • Visual tweaks for iOS 9.
  • Reports now ordered alphabetically except top 3 reports.
  • New Discounts Detail report to show the detail of all discounted transactions.
  • This is the last version of Reg that will support iOS 8, please upgrade your iPad to the latest version to continue receiving updates to Reg.

Reg and Reg Remote v1.2.4 is now in the App Store

Reg Point of Sale 1.2.4:

New option in settings to group the same items on the bill and receipt.
New option in printers to group items on dockets.
New option in printers to increase font size at top of dockets.
Bill and receipt now show products in the order they were entered.
Date for X and Z read reports now shows correctly.

Reg Remote 1.2.4:

A new version of Reg is being released at the same time as Reg Remote, please make sure to update both apps at the same time!

You can now print a bill and send an order to an empty table with the Print Bill button.
Improved reconnection speed and reliability.
Updated message now appears on users screen.

Reg Point of Sale v1.2.2 is now in the App Store

Reg Point of Sale 1.2.2:

New 'quick cash' buttons when cashing out
New Cash Drawer feature in the Daily Screen - track payments in and out of your cash drawer
New Cash Drawer report
Transactions screen in Daily now allows you to pick any day to view transactions
If you have Automatic Log-out turned on in Settings, the change due is now displayed on the login screen when you cash out a transaction
Option to increase font on dockets
Option to add blank lines at the bottom of dockets
Option to add a fourth payment type in Settings
You can now deny particular users the ability to open the cash drawer from the main screen
Improved performance of Reports screen
Option to order items on bill/receipt by category
Improved display of User Hours in User Hours report
You can now edit pre-programmed notes that you have created for a product before you send an order
Fixed issue where notes would be added twice to an order

Reg Remote 1.2.2:

A new version of Reg is being released at the same time as Reg Remote, please make sure to update both apps at the same time!
New 'quick cash' buttons when cashing out.
Improved reliability when reconnecting to a device when running Reg.
Option to manually connect to an iPad running Reg by IP address
Fixed issue where notes got added twice to an order

Reg Point of Sale v1.1.1 is now in the App Store

A new version (1.1.1) of the Reg Point of Sale app is now available in the App Store.

This will be the last version of Reg which supports devices running iOS 7.  Please upgrade your iPad to iOS 8 to take advantage of future updates to Reg.

What's new:

  • The default category VAT rate is now shown when selecting a category for a product
  • Long user names now wrap on to multiple lines on the login screen
  • Improved visuals of split table screen in iOS 8
  • The built-in autocorrect function is now turned off when editing a product or a category name
  • VAT rates now display correctly in Sales By Product report when exported as a CSV file
  • Fixed ‘Add inventory’ function in Daily screen
  • Fixed issue when adding a pre-programmed note to a manually typed one, where the last note could not be selected


Reg Point of Sale v1.1 is now in the App Store

Version 1.1 of Reg Point of Sale is now live in the App Store.

New features:

  • The Daily screen has a new Transactions view allowing you to reprint or email a receipt for any transaction from today
  • New Sales by Hour report allows you to track total sales for each hour

Issues fixed:

  • The From date in reports now defaults to today’s date
  • Improved compatibility with iOS 8 for deletion alerts
  • Resolved an issue where including emoji symbol in the receipt header would cause a blank receipt to print out
  • Cash drawer no longer kicks when Print Bill is selected
  • Resolved issue where changing a product’s button colour would not be saved