Which iPad should I buy to use with Reg (updated June 2016)?

Currently (June 2016), Apple sells two models of iPad mini, two full-sized iPad models, and a 'giant' iPad. So which iPad model is best for use as a point of sale system?

(note, all prices are given in Euro and Pounds Sterling, exclusive of VAT)

The short answer is that any model of iPad is perfect for use with the Reg Point of Sale app. In fact you can use any secondhand model of iPad or iPad mini except for the original iPad which Apple stopped selling in March 2011.

We have summarised all of the currently-available iPad models below. We’ve attempted to assign a ‘technology year’ to each model – this is the year that the processor debuted on the most expensive iPhone or iPad and whose other internals roughly correspond to the models introduced during that year. So for example the iPad mini 2 has a technology year of 2013, and has internals roughly similar to the iPhone 5s, which was released in that year.

iPad Air 2

Pros: The cheapest full-size iPad you can buy. Advanced hardware internals. One of the more future-proof base-model iPads in recent years.

Cons: Very little

Technology year: 2014

Prices from: €365/£291

iPad Pro

Pros: The fastest and most future-proof iPad you can buy today. Compatible with the Apple Pencil for sketching and design work.

Cons: Quite expensive, overkill if you are just going to be using it for Reg in your retail business. This is even more relevant for the 'giant' iPad Pro 12"

Technology year: 2015

Prices from: €568/£416

iPad mini 2

Pros: very cheap

Cons: Smaller screen can be a bit more difficult to scan in busy environments. Will be the earliest of the current iPad range to lose the ability to run the latest versions of iOS in the future. 

Technology year: 2013

Prices from: €251/£183

iPad mini 4

Pros: iPad mini with approximately the same performance as the iPad Air 2

Cons: Small screen, only a tiny bit less expensive than an iPad Air 2

Technology year: 2014

Prices from: €333/£266

Our recommendation

When developing and testing Reg, we use primarily the now-discontinued iPad mini, the iPad 2 and the iPad 3. These are the lowest-powered iPads that we support, and we work hard to make sure that the Reg interface is butter-smooth on these models. We can say with confidence that any iPad that Apple sells these days is perfect for running Reg. If you pushed us to make a choice we would say that the iPad Air 2 represents fantastic value for money.

What about storage capacity?

The cheapest iPad models have 16Gb capacity, which is more than enough to allow Reg to store many decades of transactions.

Where should I buy?

Although you can buy iPads directly from the Apple Store online, we’d like to encourage you to buy local if you have an Apple dealer in your town – you’ll be helping to support local jobs!