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Quick start guide for using Reg in cash register mode

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Frequently asked questions


What hardware does Reg support?

Reg works with Citizen receipt printers with an Ethernet interface. You can use a single printer just for printing receipts, or you can add additional printers to print order dockets. We supply Citizen printers fully configured to work with Reg.

Reg works with most brands of cash drawers: we supply high-quality Japanese-manufactured cash drawers.  The cash drawer is triggered by the printer.



Why do some items in the report have an asterisk* after the name?

If you change the name, price or tax rate of a product that you have already sold, Reg archives the product so that it will still appear in your Reports.  Archived products have an asterisk* after their name.


Can I export from Reg to a spreadsheet?

Yes!  Just email any report you generate, and a CSV file will be attached that can be opened in any spreadsheet program.



Can I prevent my staff from looking at my sales data?

Yes!  In Setup, edit a user (or add a new one), and turn off “Access All Screens”.  You can then customise the permissions for this user.



Can I customise what appears on the top and bottom of the receipt?

Yes!  Go to Settings > Receipt and edit your receipt header and footer.


Can I email a receipt?  What about printing gift receipts?

You can access both of these functions from the main screen (touch the icon with three circles at the top).