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Entering items

  1. Tap a product
  2. Swipe left or right to access different pages
  3. Swipe to the left and tap Delete if you make a mistake
  4. Tap pay to cash out

Cash out transaction

  1. Tap different payment types (you can add a 4th type in Settings -> Payment Types)
  2. Tap for exact amount, or:
  3. Tap for ‘quick amount’
  4. Enter amount using keypad and tap (2) for custom amount
  5. You can add a percentage discount to the entire transaction (create new discounts in Setup > Discounts)

More tools

  1. Email or print a receipt for last transaction (you can turn off automatic receipt printing in Settings -> Receipt)
  2. Manually open drawer (you can restrict access to this in Setup -> Users)
  3. Turn on void mode to enter items as a ‘reverse sale’ - if you make a mistake or want to give a refund.  Cash out as normal and void mode will automatically turn off
  4. You can search for items as well as navigating through pages
  5. Tap a user name to log out (you can turn on automatic logout in Settings > Users)

Products screen

  1. Tap the Products tab to work with Products and Pages
  2. Tap an existing product to edit it
  3. Tap a blank space to add a new product
  4. Tap, hold and drag to change button position.  You can also drag to a different page at the bottom
  5. Tap to work with Pages

Editing/adding a product

  1. Every product should have a name, price and category
  2. Tax rates are inherited by default from the Category (edit category in Setup > Categories)
  3. Change product colour
  4. A product with open price means that you have to enter the price each time you tap it
  5. You can track stock levels of this item (change inventory levels in Daily > Inventory)
  6. Scroll down to delete

Editing Pages

  1. Add a new page
  2. Tap to edit page name/colour
  3. Tap to change the order (drag the three horizontal lines in Edit mode)