Reg is a great system for us. The equipment is versatile, the reporting is very helpful, the program is very easy to use and the excellent support and customer service we receive is the most important benefit of dealing with a small business like Reg. I highly recommend it.




We have been using the Reg iPad till system ever since we opened our business and we are thrilled with it.  It's very user friendly and has been working great for us.  It's very simple to add new items to the menu and make any changes you want.  All new staff we had trained in just a day - it's so simple.  We have a few very busy hours over lunch time so we needed a system that's very simple to use and makes service a lot faster.

Sheila and Thomas have been brilliant setting up the system and have always been very helpful with any questions or concerns we had. I couldn't recommend them enough.

Jason and Sabrina



The Green Kitchen Cafe

I’ve used point of sale systems for years and Reg is the easiest I’ve ever used.  And it gives us all the info we need.  Here in The Green Kitchen we use the clock-in/out system, all the sales reports and the VAT reports.  We use it for business analysis and it gives us a great idea who our customer is.  It’s simple and it’s overarching in what it can do.

We also like the fact that there is no fuss, no mess, no loads of wires - everything is neatly connected.  There is a modernity, slickness and stylishness to Reg and it makes a great ice-breaker with customers.  We’re always being asked “Is that your till system?”  Another advantage is that its fantastically secure with the cash drawer safely hidden under the counter.  And it’s understated and doesn’t draw attention to itself so we feel safer.

In terms of bang for your buck it’s the best out there.  It’s certainly the best thing I’ve ever worked with in 25 years in cafes, restaurants and bars in New York, London and Dublin.