Oscars & Co

One of the big things for me is looking at this as a business as well as a barber shop.  It’s important to know what my trade is - how many kids cuts are we doing, how many gents, how many shaves, how many OAPs.  Also, knowing when we’re busy and when we we’re not busy.  We expanded so quickly in our first year it was really important to stay on top of all of that.
One of the best things I got was Reg.  At the end of the day it tells you what sales you’ve done, what VAT you owe and what products you’ve sold.  It tells you who cut the most and what each staff member brought in.  If I’m thinking of doing a promotion on shaves for example, I need to know how many shaves we actually do and is it worth that offer.  Reg gives you that information.
Reg has definitely brought us to a different place.  It takes the stress out of a lot of things, like end of day cash up and VAT returns.  I’m sure every small business dreads VAT returns. With Reg, all we have to do is put in two dates, press print and send that straight to the accountants.  It takes all the headache out of it for us. 



Johnny's Barber Shops

I'd have absolutely no hesitation recommending the Reg point of sale system to any business owner looking for an efficient, user friendly sales & reporting system.
It’s simple to set up & use and provides highly informative data on my business, especially sales trends and staff productivity analysis. Having so much information available instantaneously allows me to accurately schedule working rosters, target my core customer base and recognise the efforts of my team. No more running reports on long rolls of paper - just a straight forward summary report emailed to me daily.
The Reg point of sale team have been a pleasure to deal with from initial set-up to their ongoing assistance & advice. If you're interested in managing your business efficiently and growing your customer base I would strongly advise considering this system.